Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Flaming Lips Show plans

On Saturday night a number of friends will be heading to downtown St. Pete to witness the glory that is the Flaming Lips in concert at Jannus Landing. The show begins at 8PM and is sold out. Doors open at 7PM and there are 2 openers, but it will be crowded.

There are a number of things to do before the show. So use the comments section to work out details and make plans with friends for meeting before the show for drinks and/ or dinner. If you want to carpool, talk about it here.

There are a number of good places to eat in downtown St. Pete. Here is a list. link

Joey Brooklyn's, next to Jannus has great pizza. But, my favorite cheap Italian and pizza is around the corner at Fortunado's.

If you are looking for a good bar to get some of the finest beer available in Tampa/ St. Pete, try the Independent (the prices, atmosphere and selection will remind you of NYC). There is also a Starbucks across from Jannus Landing.

Also, Kristi may not be interested in going to the show. You know anyone else interested? Anyone else wanting to get rid of a ticket? I am sure many friends want to head out.

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