Thursday, February 07, 2008

Giving Up Things for Lent

Least Popular Things to Give Up for Lent

1. Water
2. Clothes
3. Sex (for singles only)
4. Walking
5. Talking
6. Living
7. Sleep
8. Singing in the Shower
9. Looking both ways when crossing the street
10. Paying attention to those magazines in the checkout lane

Things No One Else Wants You To Give Up for Lent

1. Showers
2. Wearing Clothes
3. Brushing Your Teeth
4. Listening
5. Cleaning Your House
6. Using Kleenex when blowing your nose
7. Following Street Signs
8. Taking Your Meds
9. Your faith in humanity
10. Reading their Blog

Easiest Things To Give Up for Lent

1. Dog Fighting
2. Gang Banging
3. CSI: Miami
4. Watching Football
5. Following Mitt Romney's candidacy
6. Going to Raves
7. Dreaming of a White Christmas/ Easter
8. Swimming with Sharks
9. Listening to Advice from parents
10. Thinking Hillary Clinton could win the presidency

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mark said...

an inspiring list!