Tuesday, January 13, 2009

before the controversy comes the Caveat from the Emergent National Music Coordinator

Before I step into the proverbial storm of cow dung, let me do something Adam Cleveland did not do before his controversial posting on homosexuality and the Bible. Let me first warn my readers. What you are about to read can be seen as blasphemy in some circles. In fact, I will probably branded as a Heretic by many in the Christians Who Like Indie Rock world, those that genuflect at the alter of Sufjan Stevens. So to Steve McCoy, Bob Hyatt (who has never been here, so I need not worry), Dustin Bagby and any other member of the Musical Intelligentsia*, I give back my pseudo credentials as a CWLIR (if you want them).

 But one thing you need to understand… if I am of the same opinion as the masses I usually don’t write about it. If I see everyone loves a certain album or film and I, too, love it I say nothing, unless it is too good to sit on or I think I have some special insight. I feel the same on politics, theology, etc. That is why, although I have been engaged in and spoken out on Social Justice issues for over 20 years, I say little. I leave it to those that are quick at the draw like Steve Knight, Zach Lind and the incomparable Bob Carltone, along with the newbies that have recently found out the Jesus cared about Social Justice and want to evangelize, like they did when they found out their friends were going to hell if they did not tell them about Jesus. I am a bit more leisurely, which is not good in the blog world. Plus, I figure most people that read this little blog also read Bob Carlton. So, if Bob says it… I don’t. Plus, those guys (along with most emerging bloggers are very earnest). And, I will never be accused of that.

Next up, the Welcome Wagon review. 

*Since I am an East Coast Elitist, this is a compliment. I think Steve does great service to Christian readers, enlightening them to very good music they  would normally ignore so they could listen to the latest by Casting Stones or MercyMercyMe (the ecology), even if he reminds me of Mikey from the Life commercials (he likes everything too much). Dustin is a good friend and has an encyclopedic knowledge of specific genres (even if his taste is too “white” at times and he does not know music existed before Nirvana). When Bob mentions something on his blog, I am sure the album receives a Colbert-like bump. 

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