Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Buy this Book

Presently I am slogging through David Dark's The Gospel According to America (slogging because my present "job" does not allow me the peace and quiet I need to read this book, except in mini-chunks). It is not what I expected. However, that is not a bad thing.

Actually, the book is ridiculously well-written. His thoroughly enjoyable Everyday Apocalypse did not prepare me for the depth of insight (oh that book was deep, but this thing is thiiiiick) and wonders of prose this book presents. I have hung out with David and now feel I am unworthy to offer an opinion in his presence ever again.

I have read some well written books lately. However, Brian McLaren, Lee C. Camp and even Dallas Willard are paling in comparison. In fact, Brian compares him (on the sleeve) to a young Wendell Berry. I though this was hype until the introduction.

Do not tread lightly into this book. And do not pick it up without a highlighter and notepad. I am on page 40 and have highlighted half the book. Actually I have used a pencil because I had to check the book out from the library (being a poor bibliophile is no fun). Someone buy this book for me!

Anyway, during the next few days, I will be offering small doses of this book with limited commentary to whet your appetite.

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c said...

I haven't read Dark's book, but have read the intro and wow, not what I expected either but elegantely written.

Lee Camp's book was great as well. I had him in class back in the Fall and he said the editor had to keep asking him to not be so angry. His views on disicpleship and ecclesiology (my class title) are challenging but important in the current discussion.