Monday, February 22, 2010

Ed Young Jr. Offers Private Plane and Makeover to Shane Claiborne

Ed Young Jr. Offers Private Plane and Makeover to Shane Claiborne

GRAPEVINE, TX- In an apparent attempt to forestall criticism directed towards his lavish lifestyle, Ed Young, Jr., pastor of The Fellowship Church with video and live action campuses throughout the Dallas Metroplex and in Miami, FL has offered use of his private jet to Shane Claiborne of Philadelphia’s Simple Way.

Speaking to reporters outside his mansion, Young said, “While some may not believe it, I think the message of following Christ simply and a simple living lifestyle is correct theologically. I mean, I usually don’t discuss theology because it can be controversial, but Shane’s message is powerful and it needs to be shared. It is how our family follows Christ. In fact, I had my housekeeper install Energy Star light bulbs throughout the house (and that is a lot of bulbs). That said, I have a plan to get his message to others.”

Young’s plan, which was hatched by Young’s personal business, Creative Pastor, will be available for purchase in the next week. The plan includes personal use for Shane Claiborne and his associates to use the Dessault Falcon 50 Private Jet given to Young and Fellowship Church by an area business man. While the plane has been the source of controversy during the past few weeks, after its discovery by a Dallas reporter, Young wants it to be used for more than his required trips to Mexico, Miami and the Bahamas for church planting and spiritual formation retreats. Continuing, Young declared, “What better way to get Shane’s message to the masses that to allow him to fly around the country to share his message. By using my plane, he will be able to get back to the poor of Philadelphia much quicker than flying commercial.”

Other pieces of Young’s SIMPLY LIVING SIMPLY strategy, available for purchase next week on include, 1) a makeover for Claiborne because Young feels “more people at places like Fellowship of Grapevine would listen more intently to Shane’s message if he cleaned himself up and dressed nicer. I have many shirts in my wardrobe I will be offering to his ministry. We are both tall and he will like them. I will have my personal assistant and beautician contact Shane this week”, 2) an emphasis on hiring 1 homeless person in each business represented by a member of Young’s church, 3) an initiative by Fellowship Church to plant video venues in Shane’s neighborhood in Philadelphia plus video venues in other areas where homeless people congregate. Says Young, “I think the creative message of our videos would inspire homeless men and women to take life by the reigns and accomplish something great for God. I think the way I lay out a sermon simply with no theology or depth will appeal to the needs of that community,” and lastly 4) a sermon series complete with church motifs for sale on Young’s website which includes a wonderful backdrop that will allow any church stage to look like the area under an overpass. Metal drums are not included.

Young finished his press conference by sharing, “I am very excited about this endeavor and cannot wait to present this to Shane. We are trying to work out a time to bring Shane to Dallas, on my private plane. As of now, Shane has not been reached due to extenuating circumstances. I may sweeten the deal by setting up a spot in our game room for homeless simulation, but I need to confirm that with my wife. She wants us to build a place in the country for that.”

Reached for comment, Shane Claiborne said Mr. Young is welcome to come hang out in Philadelphia for a weekend, as long as he flies commercial.


update: apparently I rode the line between fact and fiction too closely on this post. This is satire based upon some things involving reporting of a "lavish" lifestyle of Ed Young Jr. by a news outlet. This included a private jet, mansion and large salary. I do think this is how Shane would react to it.


g13 said...
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g13 said...

"I think the way I lay out a sermon simply with no theology or depth will appeal to the needs of that community." ridiculous!

Geoff said...

I read this article and I have to admit I thought this was fiction. I couldn't believe that anyone would be this numb, not recognizing what they were saying. So I went on to the websites and was more amazed. Stranger than fiction... just amazing.

DJ Word said...

it is fiction in the actual encounter but I may have not stretched the truth far enough to qualify it as good satire.

gentry- you always catch the lines I am most proud of:)

aran said...

is this for real? seriously? if it is, i just became even more of a fan of Shane Claiborne for his comment at the end.

Jenny Rae Armstrong said...

Hello! Just followed your "Obituary" link over from The Ooze--love your blog!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ed Young fleeces the flock--he lives like a rich man--he should be avoided like the proverbial plague no matter what he says he'll do for you or "your ministry."
As an aside ---as one who has worked with the homeless--many are people who are in desperate need--however--in these modern times-- many are also drug and alcohol abusers as well as criminals who are looking to prey on and "get over" on, people they think they can. Think "jaihouse conversions" when you start to say or think all homeless people are victims.