Friday, April 22, 2005

First David Dark quote (think SBC)

When the church is the blind, uncritical endorser or “spiritual” chaplain of whatever the nation decides to do, it has largely renounced its vocation as the body of Christ. It is neither the salt of the earth nor a light to the nations. And it has traded its worship of a crucified Jew for a devastatingly tribal idolatry. (p. 23) Gospel According to America

A few of my favorite examples

Richard Land and the SBC's Ethics Committee (lobbying arm)- notice the subtle Eagle and flag in the upper right corner, along with the cross (oh, wait- there is no cross, just an eagle and flag). You can experience the only denominational body in the world to stand for the war in Iraq in the policy section.

Eagle Forum and here

Do you have any favorites?


Bob Robinson said...

Just about every organization listed on the "Christian Right" side of my chart!

Kyle said...

I'll check this fella out. Thanks.

"Captain Sacrament"