Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jesus Abused, Tortured and Killed by US Military

Thanks to Deborah at Heart and Soul Humor for keeping us abreast of the torture and abuse of Iraqi and Al Queda (or just plain Muslim) prisoners by the US and the military. I grow tired of the justification of the treatment of prisoners of war (or any prisoners) as animals. I grow tired of the dehumanization of these men by the American public, military and administration. I grow tired of a "Christian" President that does nothing about it. In fact, he makes excuses. And, I grow most tired of the lack of comment from the mainstream Christian media regarding this situation. Besides Christianity Today, I have seen nothing.

We print millions of pages on Terri Schiavo and suddenly take Matthew 25 seriously (well, actually the part about sick people, which is a start, I guess). We print millions of pages on activist judges and euthanasia enthusiasts, but allow the government to murder, torture and abuse prisoners with no outcry. Why do we not heed the rest of Matthew 25? Do we as "American Christians" bow at the flag before the cross and allow torture because it "protects us." I mean, Christianity is all fine and good unless it gets in the way of patriotism, homeland security and this administration.

To Americans unbothered by our treatment of POWS, I ask them to remember how we felt about the Japanese and Vietnamese treatment of our soldiers in the past.

To the Christians (including our President) who say nothing in the face of the abuse of POWS, I ask them to remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 25 "I was in prison and you came to visit me." "When did we see you in prison and go to visit you? I tell you the truth (remember that precious "Objective Truth" we are told about?- my words), whatever you did for the least of these you did for me."

Conversely, "I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me." "When did we see you in prison and not help you." "I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for the least of these, you DID NOT Do for me."

We compared Terri to Jesus when she was sick and in need. Do we dare compare the POWS abused by our country to Jesus? Do we respond?

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.

Read these posts on what is going on. It is horrible.




Bob Robinson said...

I have not just "grown tired" of this; I have grown SICK (literally) and tired of this.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Rick.