Monday, April 25, 2005

More David Dark Quotes

He quotes from Moby Dick, one of my favorite novels by one of my favorites authors (that I have not read in years- I am more of a Confidence Man guy myself though)...

"heaven have mercy on all of us- Presbyterians and Pagans alike- for we are all somehow dreadfully cracked about the head, and sadly need mending, (Herman Meliville's Moby Dick, 79)"

And related to this (this makes me think of the Justice Sunday that Jim Dobson, Bill Frist and Al Mohler spoke at- and I had the good sense to refrain from commenting on- along with so much more)...

"When we say, 'God,''Truth,''Righteousness,''Eternity,'' or 'Liberty,' we'd better have a voice near at hand wispering, 'You don't know quite what you are talking about.' Otherwise, we burn witches, persecute the most righteous in the name of righteousness, or justify various modes of death-dealing selfishness in the name of personal self-fulfillment. Discerning between tough, not-to-be-mastered, eternal reality and our momentary, multiplying illusions will involve no easy shortcouts, no matter how powerfully we feel them in our well-meaning hearts.(Dark, 51)"

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