Friday, April 29, 2005

Weird thought experiment

In the sand trap that is my mind I have often pondered things with no bearing on my daily existence. One such thought exercise I have used to waste valuable time (that I could be using to think about how to better myself or my world) is, "who would I like to live on my perfect cul-de-dac?"

When I listen to a song or CD, when I watch television or film and when I read a book or magazine article, I often ask myself if I would want the creator of this art to live next door to me (strange, huh?) or would I want to hang out with this person (of course, I cannot play this game with people I am friends with- so, no Brian McLaren or Bill Malonnee). Some of my neighbors in this neighborhood (which is, incidentally a transitional neighborhood with bungalows) include David Dark, Rodney Clapp, Lauren Winner, Speech (from Arrested Development), Rhonde Barber, Mike Judge, Brad Pitt (strange, I know but he is a former Southern Baptist and he would be my "project"), David Duchovony, John Cusak, John Stewart, Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon (for their Boston accents), Tucker Carlson, Neil LaBute and Charlie Peacock (just a few).

As leaders in the social group or church I attend I want Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Cornel West and Jeff Bridges. These people are too wise to live in our neighborhood. They are the elders of the social group.

Weird, Huh?

However, I save the space next to me for my ultimate next door neighbor. He is Ben Folds. He is a little older than me and has a wry, observant wit. He and I look at life slightly askew. We are just enough alike to be friends. Plus, judging from the songs he writes to his kids, we look at parenting similarly.

Anyway, Ben's new CD came out Tuesday. It may be his best work yet, especially the song "Jesusland." If I have to live in Jesusland, I want Ben next door.

Check out the new CD.

Who would you live next to?


Bob Robinson said...

Oh that's easy...

YOU, man!

kidpositive said...

here's what my neighborhood would look like (with respective roles):

-THE DUDE (the cool guy)
-Christopher Walken (the weirdo)
-Albert Schweitzer (doctor, humanitarian, & theologian)
-Chaim Potok (author & knowledgable Jew)
-Paul McCartney (bandmate, friend)
-Gandhi(spiritual mentor)

frank said...

Dude ... I'll never be able to look at things in my world the same way again. What a cool mental experiment! I can't wait to get started!

Anonymous said...

First, yes, it's WIERD!

Second, how funny are you! Who knew that men thought of these things? You are thinking of this whole neighborhood up for intellectual/spiritual purposes. As a woman, this is completely ming-boggling but humorous too.

Thirdly, I sit here and don't care a bit to think of one person who would be nice to have as a neighbor. I do love my neighbors but I am not contemplating adding more to the list. I guess I daydream and wishlist on alot of other things. And, I assure you, I could be considered wierd too!

I will check out the cd.

Take care