Thursday, April 14, 2005

What happens when Religious People Push their Agenda on Government

I know many Christians want American schools and other government entities to espouse our values and beliefs in their daily functionality. But, in a country which embraces freedom for all religions and no government establishment of any religion (or partiality towards one) it is not always Christianity which gets to push the agenda.

In Florida, Scientologists are lobbying to get rid of most mental health care in public schools. Why? It is against their belief system (they think you should pay to get rid of photons through auditing). So, they are spending lots of money to influence the state legislature. Sadly, this is a place where conservative Christian principles are less powerful than the money and power of the church of Scientology (a few Republicans are backing the bill- but I am sure their are plenty of Dems in the church's pocket).

This is not about helping kids. It is about Hubbard's issue with psychologists. Strangely, the Scientologists hide all of this behind a need for "human rights." They have even brought out some of their Hollywood Medium Sized Guns (no Travolta, but Travolta's wife).

Personally, the thought of my kids learning Dianetics in the classroom scares me more than the idea of them learning evolution. Something to think about.

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