Monday, May 09, 2005

An Account Supporting the Behavior of the SBC Pastor kicking out members

I love Baptist Press.

On one hand you have an article which talks about the controversy surrounding the church in North Carolina that may have voted out Kerry supporters, but does no actual journalism (but, I forget it is a PR service, not a news service that embraces journalism) or reporting (like finding out the truth).

It only talks about allegations and questions the accuracy of the account. At least Richard Land comes out against such behavior as the pastor is accused of. Here is a link.

However, on the other hand, they have a timely first-person-account (which is nothing but a way to have the SBC say something controversial but have it from the mouth of a singular person and not the official entity- usually these things are particularly useless). A professor who has one of the students in his class, accuses the media of bias and lack of journalistic integrity and basically says that there is no way this pastor would act this way.

He says, there is more to the story than the media is willing to report, as opposed to there is more to the story than the media has been able to report (due to stonewalling by the pastor and other members). He accuses the ousted members of causing dissension within the church and goes out of his way to justify the pastor's behavior (according to him, you should not be a Baptist if you vote for a Democrat). He only faults the pastor for not being sophisticated enough to play PR games. Unbelievable.

Here is the commentary by a man with little theological integrity. Link

Blogger Daily Vos has kept up wit this story better than anyone in the tradtional media outlets. Read his interviews with members of the church and details everyone is leaving out. There is more to the story as the BP said. However, the "more" is no less damning to the Pastor. Link

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