Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Criticism of Emergent

My favorite Emergent Critic is in dialogue with Andrew Jones. Michael Horton has just responded to Andrew's response to Michael's criticism (get that?).

Michael Horton is very different from the other Emergent critics I am running across. Unlike Mohler and Carson, he is interested in dialogue. He also cares for the movement and finds it has much usefulness. His response is comprehensive and engaging (which Horton always is- plus I think he may be smarter than the others).

Have fun with it. You will see a man that is not in love with his own voice. If Calvinism is like Mohler, mark me as a Pelagian. If it is like Horton, sign me up (with reservations). Luckily, it is like Horton (if you want good reading, check out his part of the EC book with Crouch and McLaren and Made in America, which is still timely).


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