Friday, May 20, 2005

Good Links on the Information Highway

During a recent surf session, I followed the links from some of the blogs to my right. What I found out is that we are probably no more than 6 degrees of website separation from any other site on the web. I am only 2 clicks from Hugh Hewitt (thanks Alex) or Richard Land and Al Mohler (Alex again and Steve McCoy).

In my search I found some great sites you may be interested in. However, it may scare some of my friends I link to that I followed these from their sites.

First of all, we have the Rutherford Institute, the anti-ACLU. I had written these guys off lately as just another Right-Wing legal society, like many of the others. However, they are not involved at all with the RR. They are independent and fight for the rights of kids to have Bible Clubs, women to be free from sexual harassment, all religious groups in America, ProLifers, all free speech, a moratorium on the death penalty and individuals hurt by the Patriot Act. I always like a group that does things that will bother everyone of every agenda. It usually means they are doing something right. Some of their resources, links and stances may surprise everyone.

Rutherford's blog, OldSpeak is one of the best I have seen in its coverage of political, cultural and religious issues. It is insightful, nonpartisan and surprisingly open minded. Recent topics have included, raves about Greg Palast, an interview with Barbara Rossing uncovering the truth behind the heresy of the rapture, a Christian argument for the ethical treatment of animals, an editorial on the "theology" of John Ashcroft, a Christian argument for voting 3rd Party, the 2nd Amendment and Jefferson's Wall of Separation, along with interviews with Reverend Billy, Gary Bauer, Barry Lynn and Cal Thomas.

The writings of Greg Palast, the most important investigative journalist in the world, who writes about American politics and nobody reads him in the USA. People like to scoff at him, but he backs up everything he writes better than Newsweek and CBS.

Crux is a fairly conservative Christian web magazine with great insight and writing on American culture, especially pop culture. It is not as good as Christian Counter Culture, but still good. A couple of blogs related to it are also good resources for excellent writing and opinion. Situation Critical comments on music, film and TV, while Signs of the Times comments on politics, religion and culture. A good example is Trust No One. Something you may not know about me... I love thoughtful, nonpartisan, nonreactionary conservative ideology, commentary and writing. These are all examples of such (if you are liberal and want to know what you should be glad does not represent conservatism in the media, read some of this stuff- it would be harder to refute).

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