Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Quick Fix Therapy

With my new job, I am unable to blog as often as I desire. However, as I sit at my desk grading essays, many things come into my mind. A few quickies are here for you.

Interesting new book to check out on the coming Moderate Revolt and the need for Centrist politics in America today (most of the country was purple, not red or blue). John Avlon, writer for the NY Daily News has an interesting new book Independent Nation. Check it out.

Time (that left wing mag) has a profile on Ann Coulter that actually almost humanizes her. Seriously, she is not a cyborg. She is a potty-mouthed barbed tongue Ivy Leaguer who has never lived in a Red State and lives off chardonnay and cigarettes.

She sounds like she could be a member of the past two churches I have pastored or been an Associate Pastor for. Speaking of which, the most interesting thing in the article was to find out she attended Redeemer Pres in Manhattan. Which leads to an interesting question for Tim Keller, the pastor there.

As you may know Redeemer is a church with a very positive image and a Pastor who impresses even the most cynical ministers. Keller is among the sharpest, smartest and most open minded conservative pastors in America (and quite the LOTR geek).

Does he feel comfortable that his church will look like a bastion of Right Wing Conservatism (which it is not)?

Is he happy that his church is seen as an open church that lets a chain-smoking potty-mouthed wine drinking 40-something single woman feel at home an unjudged (which, of course to any Emerging church maven is a good thing- and it describes much of our churches, only older and richer)?

Does it frustrate him that people can attend his church for a long time and feel no need to fully embrace discipleship (which is important to PCAers)? Does it frustrate him that members of his congregation confuse patriotism and Christianity?

Just a few things to think about.

I have noticed in the new office I am working in that the smokers spend a lot more time on break than nonsmokers. At first I thought, it would be to my advantage to smoke. However, I realized something.

You can scientifically figure out when smokers will die (which, of course is earlier than nonsmokers). Here is the formula.
First, take the amount of time smokers spend on smoking breaks while nonsmokers are sitting inside and working.
Multiply that time over a lifetime.
Subtract that time from the end of their life.

I figure it all washes out.

You have probably seen or heard of the video from St. Petersburg (my town) with the 5 year old girl going nuts at school at being handcuffed by the local police. Everyone is offering an opinon and dadly using this video as proof either that (1) the police are rascist and out of control or (2) parents cannot control kids and need to be held responsible and we need to pull kids out of schools and increase couchers. Sadly, everyone will use this video and story to push an agenda.

However, William Raspberry of the Washington Post asks a couple of questions.

And here we sit wondering how we could have controlled a 5 year old girl
instead of asking ourselves how we can reconnect the disaffected among us- even how we might mend this potentially tragic relationship between this child and her 31-year-old single mother...

Can't we provide counseling... Can't we look at ourselves and ask what
godawful messages we are sending to kids whose parents are too poor, whose hair is too nappy, skin too black, families too disreputable to warrent much respect from teachers- or protection from the rest of us.

A couple of things coming soon from me...

1. A deeper look into the filibuster battle from a Christian (non-partisan) perspective, along with a few comments on Roe V Wade, which caused this mess.
2. The Culture of Life in Deadwood (on the new law in Florida to allow deadly force for normal citizens).
3. More on the Christian violence in Iraq towards POWS and Muslims, along with a couple of words on the new Gitmo allegations.
4. More on the lack of support for the troops by our "support the Troops" bumper stickered Patriots and Congressional Republicans due to the lack of Humvee armor (still) and lack of outrage concerning this issue.
5. The fun blog posting- A hopefully popular discussion of the most underrated films around.

Stay Tuned.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, Ann Coulter was just at UT the other day, where she caused quite a stir. I, for one, am repulsed that my student fees should be used for such an event.

Check out this link:

Jonathan (UT student, friend of Bonnie and Craig)

jonathan said...

I am kinda offended still that this is treated as a racial issue. The majority of the teachers, all of the secretorial staff, and all of the administrators at my school are black. I have heard at least 10 of them voice an opinion on this situation, and every single one felt that the blame lay with the girl and her mother and that it was not a racial matter.