Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Walmart and Christianity

A few weeks ago we had the unfortunate experience of a trip to our friendly neighborhood Walmart. Due to unforseen circumstances, too boring to recount in detail, we had to venture to the Walmart SuperCenter in lieu of our weekly excursion to the more pleasurable Super Target.

The experience was as miserable as I had remembered. There is a price to pay for low prices. The employees, who are not paid very well, are usually not happy to be there or answer your questions. Why? Because the prices are low, most of the shoppers think the deal is never good enough and act like they are in a Mexican border town bargaining for cheaper prescription drugs.

As you may know, Walmart is attempting to improve its image after the hits it has been taking from people like me. A few days after our trip, Gallup called for a follow-up interview. they wanted my reaction to Walmart vs. Target which I was glad to give. Maybe things will change.

Anyway, last month Christianity Today reported on Christians who find something troubling about Walmart.

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