Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Quick Fixes

My conservative friend David Price discusses the fact that slavery still a major problem worldwide. Evidently, it is not just a problem overseas, but in our own backyard (at least mine). In Palatka, Florida, a slavery ring was busted last weekend by federal officials. It seems that homeless persons and migrants were held against their will to harvest crops. Scary.
Link to slavery ring story.

MSN story about modern slavery.

Stop Human Trafficking.


If you have ever had jury duty, consider yourself lucky that it was not in Tampa right now. The much publicized Sami Al-Arian terrorism trial just begun and it is supposed to take 6-8 months.

During today's opening of the prosecutions arguments they spent over an hour discussing what an immigration form looks like. Jurors were already falling asleep. The judge even asked if their was a way to speed some of this up.

Sadly, the way the government has played this trial, it is probably 6-8 months of posturing for a DA gunning for higher office who already knows the outcome (which is for the prosecution).
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When does Bono get the Peace Prize? I am guessing within the next 3 years.

If you do not think all of the news about Bush and Blair's meeting regarding debt relief in Africa has anything to do with Bono and the One Campaign, you are a little too cynical or have too much faith in elected officials.

The American Family Association has finally come to its senses and suspended its boycott of Ford. I guess they were tired of kicking American car companies when they were down. Actually, it was due to the agreement of the conservative and progressive wings of Evangelicalism on this issue. We all thought it was dumb!

I just want to thank the AFA for bringing Christians together. Actually there was a meeting between the parties. Of course, it is ironic that the boycott was so short that everyone boycotting could just put off a car purchase for a couple of weeks.


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