Monday, June 13, 2005

A real career position, finally?

Thanks to anyone praying for us regarding job and future.

I was offered a position today with Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa. The title of the job is Senior Director of Volunteer Services. Met Min is a large Christian non-profit that works with homeless and poor families in the region. It has a great reputation and runs varying programs such as residential apartments for the homeless families, job and skill training, counseling, a charter school, a preschool, thrift store, food services (in 29 locations) and many other services.

My task, as a member of the senior staff team, would be to develop and implement an effective volunteer program to utilize the 4,000 volunteers they have and find more, especially those that would work in a close relationship. I will be recruiting at churches, schools and businesses. They want to find and mobilize a large segment of the young and young adult population for this ministry's volunteer base.

I have been warned that November and December will be unbelievably busy. They serve over 12,000 families each holiday season (holistically) and most of their volunteers serve at this time.

Also, in the midst of this exciting change, we ask for more prayer because this decision opens more doors and decisions to be made. We need to find a second car in the next few weeks and figure out if we are going to put the kids in preschool so Kristi can work part-time. We also need God's guidance in church. We have found no churches in Tampa that minister in the way we have in Houston and Boston.

We have talked to people about the possibility of partnering to start one and need God to lead this.

So, thanks for keeping up to date with us and praying during this long dry spell. I am supposed to start on July 4.


kidpositive said...

congrats, rick!

DAVID C. PRICE said...

Cool! Congratulations.

g13 said...

that is great news!

i hope that this is the path out of the desert we have been praying for.

james said...

As I have already told through email, Brooke and I are really jazzed for you both.

Would you like our 1991 Volkswagen Jetta? Sunroof included with only 86,000 original miles!