Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back In the Saddle

I returned from family vacation on Sunday evening and began a new job on Tuesday. Suffice it to say the blogosphere has taken a back seat during the past week or so. Hopefully the Berry quotes have given some of you a few things to ponder.

I have no clear cut answers to the problems Wendell Berry addresses. I know many Christians have differing opinions on war, pacifism, violence and church/state sanctioning of these things. It is my hope that Wendell's thoughts will make us question our own assumptions, especially in light of Christ and his teachings. Berry is not attempting to give a treatise as much as he is trying to shake people up a little and remind them of their first loyalties.

I will be blogging in the next couple of days on the vacation, some thoughts on Myrtle Beach, Confederate Flags on the 4th, lazy goteed renecks on golfcarts and good walks spoiled (golf), along with an update on the first days of work.

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