Friday, July 15, 2005

Darfur Vigil

An unusual occurance is upon me for this Sunday night. I am actually delivering a sermon (or sermonette/ homily). Since unofficially leaving the pastorate, I have had only a few opportunities to sermonize, which is one of my favorite activities (hence, my poor wife must deal with the abundance of sermons during dinner).

On Sunday evening, a few dedicated activists have put together a vigil for the situation in Darfur. Through a friendship and involvement in the group putting it on, I have the chance to deliver a short message to a growing number of people (expected maybe 20- we are now moving over 100) on the Topic of Justice and our place in it (especially related to Sudan).

I am exctited and hope to meet some friends who care about such an issue. We actually have a former Lost Boy from Sudan giving a word of testimony, as well as some other neat pieces.

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