Monday, July 11, 2005

More Thumb Nail Sketches

On Friday I gave a few remarks on the present state of politics in a hopefully humorous manner. I gave thumbs up and down to Bush, Blair and Rove. Although it will not be a regular feature, I wanted to add a couple of more thumbnail sketches (ha) regarding current events.

I am trying to stay away from political partisanship in my analysis and stick to the way people handle things which impresses me or angers me. In light of this:

Karl Rove (continued): Thumbs unbelievably far down. If it is true that this person (hard not to use the word weasel) is the leak in the White House which named a CIA operative as revenge for non-loyalty and sent a Pulitzer Prize winner to jail, I must say, "I knew it." I know he will weasel his way out of trouble, but this is just another case of despicable behavior from a man who is capable of any dirty trick and nasty behavior. I wish the Religious Right would see this man's actions make him a prostitute they should steer clear of. He and his partner bob Novak should be the one's in prison.

Hillary Clinton: Thumbs Down. First I must admit that I have been impressed with her first term so far. I know, I know. She is using it as a platform for her run for President, but who cares? It is making her a solid moderate presence. She is also a bit of a Hawk, which surprised me (I believe this is not just a ruse. If it was, she would be a wimpy Hawk/ Dove like John Kerry- she is not wishy-washy). I have been impressed with her statements on abortion (for a pro-choicer at least).

However, as a candidate, I do not like her. Her husband and the present President were both better candidates than presidents, but she is the opposite. When she seems like she is running for an office she tries to became "All Things to All People" with no conviction. My friend Jeff reported than one Evanglical pastor was bothered by her presence at the Billy Graham crusade. He mentioned that she was at the Gay Pride event the next day. I must say it bugged me also, but for a different reason.

To me it smacks of the same attitude she had while running for Senate. She told everyone she had ALWAYS been a Yankees fan (yeah right). Then, realizing she was offending Mets fans everywhere (all 10 of them), she tried to play the middle, saying she loved both teams and wearing both of their hats. See, no conviction. Rudy G never wore a Mets cap. Schumer, Moynihan and Cuomo had sports convictions. But, Hillary could not decide. No, once more she is trying to have it both ways. I don't care if it was the Gay Pride event or Billy Graham crusade. But, not both. Rudy probably went to the Pride event (and he is a Republican). Hey Hillary, don't take us for fools and play the Evangelical card. It will do you no good. It came naturally to your husband, but not you. Be yourself.

Okay, there it is. Just needed to get it off my chest. Not that the Hillary thing really bothered me that much, though.

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