Friday, August 12, 2005

Frustration Sets In

Three times this week wonderful postings by me have been lost by blogger, only to deflate me in such a way that I have lost all hope and left things unsaid.

I am so frustrated. If you want updates on the Seminoles and FSU, read your newspaper. We will win this fight!

Hopefully later today I will be inspired to rewrite my last post, an admission of an existential spiritual vertigo I am experiencing due to the subject matter at the Leadership Summit I am attending.


g13 said...

never, ever trust your drafts to blogger. she will screw you every time.

hope the leadership summit goes well. while you're there you should visit j. wise.

Eric said...

Argh!!!! Rick, I can tell you that in only a few weeks of blogging I have lost SIX drafts and could never redo them. From now on, I will write in Word and save it before I go to blogger.

Sorry for the glitches in the Matrix.