Wednesday, August 03, 2005

a movie Manny Ramirez, Ricky Williams and Terrell Owens need to see

So says Bill Simmons about the new film Murderball, a documentary about Quad Rugby (guys in wheelchairs playing rugby and beating the crap out of each other). I would add Shaq and anyone else who takes themselves, their teams or high priced athletes too seriously.

From his review...

On the day I went to see "Murderball," the Red Sox were trying to deal Manny
Ramirez, their $160 million slugger who'd requested a trade and started jogging
out grounders so the team would take him seriously; Ricky Williams was mounting
a comeback in Miami, where he left last year's Dolphins in the lurch to break
Snoop Dogg's most-weed-smoked-in-one-calendar-year-by-a-celebrity record; and
Terrell Owens was griping about a contract that he'd happily signed one year
See where I'm heading? This was another sobering sports summer:
athletes living in a distorted reality, fans taking every slight personally,
money hanging over everything. Like always.

Have you noticed there are now more quality documentaries coming out each year than studio films?

See it.

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