Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Seminole for Life

A reminder of the spirit of the great Seminole Nation, which lends its name to the FSU Seminoles, chosen by the university years ago upon reading that the Seminoles were the only unconqueredIndian tribe in America, only signing a peace treaty (by their own volition) in the 1960s.

Upon finding out that a renegade (bad pun) Oklahoma Native American had misrepresented himself as a leader in the Oklahoma Seminole Nation, and realizing that the Oklahoma tribe supported the use of Seminole, the NCAA is rethinking its original position.

This whole episode has been a great learning experience for those who quickly jump to conclusions and think simply (on both side of the issue). We have seen that it is not for the NCAA to decide what a specific tribe or school should do when picking a relationship and symbol of its spirit. We have seen that some schools should change their mascots before the end of the weekend (I am speaking to the Savages of southern Oklahoma). We have even seen that issues surrounding heritge, respect and symbolism must be discussed among all parties.

In the end, as long as I am able to honor the Great Seminole Nation of Florida and its leader, Chief Osceola through my Alma Mater's athletic program and teach my children the superiority of the great Seminole warriors to the vile reptillian alligators they gigged and ate, I will consider this a positive development.

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