Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Some good links to check out...

The great writer Matt Taibbi, a independently Liberal writer from NYC who posed as a Republican volunteer in Orlando last year for Bush Like Me, the most insightful political article of the year and author of Spanking the Donkey, a hilariously surreal diary of his experience with Kerry's campaign and the 2004 election (he actually wore a gorilla suit for a portion of the campaign cycle while covering Kerry) offers up another wonder for your perusal. It is his take on the Cindy Sheehan vs. George W. Bush affair that cuts through most of the BS and deals with who Sheehan is and what is happening in this most uncivil war over the war in Iraq. I will offer some quotes later.

But, please read this article, Bush vs. The Mother from Rolling Stone. It is that good.

Also, an excellent article on Christian environmentalism from last week's Newsweek, which focused on Spirituality in America. It is exciting to see an evangelical so committed to protecting and stewarding this beautiful creation we have been called to protect and treat with dignity. Click here to read more.

Some other exciting developments on the environmental front include, a group in Massachusetts bringing churches together to think about such issues and my buddy James Wilcox, a part of our community in the Boston area, who is beginning a bio-diesel co-op. I could not find the posting in his archive.

Good article on podcasting sermons (godcasting) from New York Times.

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james said...

I took the post down temporarily, though know that it is still in the works, and will most likely be a partnership in lieu of a co-op. Thanks for the props.