Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh my goodness- he is ranting again

In light of the controversy over "the Race Card" in the wake of Katrina, along with appropriate discussions relating to race, class and economics in the creation of the tragedy and its aftermath, I offer a few interesting sites (along with a couple of thoughts).

1. From Jordon comes this wonderful blog posting, comes a link to John Scalzi, writer of the timely Being Poor is Knowing how Much everything Costs, which can hopefully remind us of the plight of the poor, along with the needs to learn empathy in our relationships with this most honored of God's creation.

2. The divide between the rich and the poor continues to grow. But, we know it is not because of the Darwinian economic policies of those in control. It must because the poor are getting worse at making money than ever before.

According to the latest numbers, the economic divide in America keeps growing. There are more poor, more children in poverty and more uninsured this year than last (4 years rising). Click here and read while you thank W for the tax cut. And thank him that you don't work in one of the growing sector of jobs in America (you know- the minimum wage ones).

Click here for commentary from the St. Pete Times.

3. Most commentators and bloggers I have read lately seem to be sure that their were no issues of race or class in the poor response to the victims of Katrina in New Orleans (even when they see pictures of white "looters" finding food in a supermarket and black "survivors" looting the same market). It is easy to find no fault in a system that has benefited me for years. I can look on what others experience and decide not to "walk in their shoes" and chalk it up to misplaced anger.

However, this is not the response Christ calls me to. As a Rich (by many standards) White Christian American Male (for goodness sake I even have blue eyes) I cannot understand what it is to feel the sting of a system built to keep those that are down from rising. However, I can listen to the words of those around me, including this report on New Orleans evacuees learning that racism is alive and well in America today. Click here to read Chris Tisch's story from the St. Pete Times on the racist actions of some.

Click here for Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts' response to hatred spread in Katrina's wake.

I have learned one lesson in my years on this planet when a controversy surrounding the racial divide in our nation arises. It is this;

It is "the race card" to rich white American males. It is real life to African Americans.

goodness gracious, someone get me off this soapbox!

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