Wednesday, September 21, 2005

thank the Lord for the playground

After much annoyance from my children, desiring to see the Red Sox next time they were in town (mom's fault), we decided to attend last night's Red Sox/ Devil Rays game at the friendly confines of Tropicana Field.

It is a quite special experience to take 2 preschoolers to the worst ballpark in America to see the worst sports franchise in America.

If I gave you details of our parking, attempt to ride a shuttle, 3 phone calls with the guest services department fiasco, the ineptitude of this fanchise you would not believe me. Suffice it to say, after much tenacious complaint on my part and many excuses, platitudes and little responsibility on their part, we recieved compensation from the Rays (4 black ball caps with the phrase "watch it happen" and a mini devil ray).

Well, we watched it happen all right. We watched Manny and Big Papi hang 4 homers on a pathetic pitching staff. After the 2nd 2 out ralley by the Sox in 4 innings, I began to feel extreme sorrow for the Rays. Let me just say one thing about the experience; whoever decided to put children's playgrounds in ballparks was a freakin' genius. Seriously. I could actually watch some of the game in peace, while my kids were run over by 7 year olds (we barely missed a homer by Ortiz hit to the playground and inning before).

Anyway, to help my children experience a sport they know nothing about and cannot distinquish from cricket, it cost the following...

parking $10
tickets $44 (with 2 for 1 coupons- it would have cost $40 for the nosebleeders and these were nice seats)
food $28 (and this includes me not buying my own food but eating my kids nasty chicken strips, since they only wanted fries)
water and snacks on the trip home $3
gas approximately $6

At least $91 to experience America's pasttime on a budget.


Dustin said...

yeah, i went to the game on monday night and saw the Red Sox lose to the worst team in baseball. It was entertaining to see the Devil Rays play a road game at home though. I've never seen so many Red Sox fans. And yes, that ballpark is awful.

g13 said...

rick, i knew that team was on its last legs when we got box seats last year for free. they should move them to vegas before the ownership starts whining about a new stadium.