Friday, September 16, 2005

Violent Video Games cause Aggression in Boys

Here's a surprise.

"Violent video games with protagonists that hunt, maim and kill are linked to at least short-term aggressive behaviors in children, according to the first large-scale review of studies on the subject."



Anonymous said...

this is the probably the only substantial quote from that article:

"The real issue is to set up a relationship with your children, a relationship where you can fully discuss these issues," Kieffer said. "It all boils down to communication, which a lot of families lack these days."

I'm not sure if this is your belief or not, but drawing a link between video games and a break down in society is impossible to do without going through the above mentioned familial communication route.

Therefore crusades against free market entertainment industries, either governmental or otherwise, will achieve much less than simply advocating personal responsibility.

It's not possible to either vote in, or legislate your way, to a perfect world I'm afraid.

By the way, hi.

DJ Word said...


Thanks for stopping by. It is always interesting when real people from my real world stop by the blog and see what actually goes on in my brain from time to time.

Take time to look at my disclaimers. I make no pretense to have all the answers on this blog or take care of all issues at any one time. I can steer you to some blogs that actually think they do that. This is just what inspires me to write something for public consumption so as to not need to pay for a therapist by keeping matters to close to my vest. Also, I do not take myself at all seriously (very important caveat).

On to matters at hand. Do not worry, I am not one to link any one factor to the break down of society.

I am not simplistic in my thinking or one to believe in such reductionist thinking (i.e. Bush not signing the Kyoto treaty caused Katrina/ or Katrina's victims were proof of the failure of the welfare state). I think all of these issues are very complex and have a number of causes (Chaos theory, per chance?).

I also could care less than most Christians what is sold in America when it comes to free speech issues. I tend to be a little hyper on 1st amendment issues. However, I do think that violent television,film, music, video games, etc. cause us to become callous to the violence in society.

We become callous and we may even find violence less distateful than it really is. It can also bring out the aggression in persons, which is not a healthy state to be in.

This (as you pointed out), like not going to McDonalds, is a personal choice, and a choice for parents. I, as a parent, choose to expose myself to less violence so I can be more sensitive to my children and to what may be too violent for them. I choose to expose my kids to less violence is possible.

I choose to not eat fast food and not expose them (when possible) to the same things. Same with violent video games, toy guns, and on and on and on and on.

I could go on about violence and what it does to us spiritually, but that is for another day.

I would say some Crusades against free market entertainment are a good thing (and part of the wonders of the 1st amendment)- when done by the marketplace. If parents or those that care stand together we can actually get things done. If this was not the case, then we would still have slavery, women not voting, cigarettes marketed to kids, more commercials on tv than actual content, etc. The market changed the minds, which changed the society and the laws needed to catch up.

There is a need to advocate personal responsibility AND enact certain measures which impede the far extremes every once in a while (i.e. child porn, guns in schools and court houses, liquour stores not too close to schools). We are responsible for our neighbors well being, within limits. All political philosophies need to be tempered by common sense. Again, is is very complex and all political systems can wind up reductionist at some point.

Also, As you may guess I am not a libertarian, by any means.

Lastly, I must let you know that I do not bow down to the American god of the Free market economy at all. I am a consciencous capitalist, but my faith in Christ supercedes my loyalty to capitalism, the free market, partiotism, nationalism, etc.

I see Capitalism the way I see America, the best Babylon there is, but still Babylon.

It is late. I hope I have not babled on too much.

g13 said...

i can't speak for video games, but "butts up" increases aggression in yours truly. there's nothing better than pegging your friend in the kidneys with a tennis ball. we'll have to have a match next time you are up.