Monday, October 03, 2005

Post Season Awards

I will barely touch the AL since I have more stock in the NL. Also, I would hate to pick between A-Rod, who should win and Ortiz, who is so freakin' clutch that I cannot compare him to any mortal ball player since Jackson (the closest would be Manny, on the same team, jeez).

As for the Senior Circuit, of course I believe that the best player on the best team in the NL is the MVP and I believe the best pitcher on the best team in the NL is the Cy Young winner (even if the marketers want Willis). But, since there are so many goofy Atlanta fans that think batting averages are of no importance in an MVP race, I have asked Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports Net (and you thouhgt I ignored Fox) to tell us why I am right and everyone else is wrong in the case of these post-season awards...

NL MVP 1.) Pujols, 2.) Jones, 3. ) Ensberg
Derrek Lee is the player of the year, but I prefer my MVPs to contribute to a postseason qualifier. Jones' 51 homers are difficult to overlook, as is his Gold Glove defense in centerfield. His .264 batting average, however, would be the lowest ever by an MVP hitter. Pujols' .427 on-base percentage is 80 points higher than Jones', and his .602 slugging percentage is 23 points higher. As important as Jones' production was to the youthful Braves, Pujols' performance was just as meaningful for the injury-depleted Cardinals.

NL Cy Young 1.) Carpenter, 2.) Willis, 3.) Clemens

I liked this choice a lot better on Sept. 8, when Carpenter's ERA was 2.21. Four straight rocky starts by Carpenter have given Willis a slight edge in wins (22-21) and ERA (2.59-2.83). I can't make much of a case against Willis; the stats are that close. I just think Carpenter's streak of 18 consecutive quality starts without a loss from June 3 to Sept. 8 makes him more worthy of the award. Clemens' paltry run support and mediocre September conspired against him.


g13 said...

couldn't agree more with your mvp picks. however, i still think willis is the logical choice for cy young.

i wish you could have joined us last weekend. our saturday tickets were great and our sunday tickets were excellent. my dad and i sat 5 rows off the left field line for just $80. the preppie scalper strikes again!

DJ Word said...

very jealous. thought of you often.