Friday, April 13, 2007

new leader of the Religious Right (let us hope)

Talk to Action considers whether SBC leader Richard Land is usurping the power of James Dobson as the leader of the Religious Right. While I am no friend of the Religious Right and feel much of its political power is a danger to the nation and cause of Christ, I would welcome this change.

While I disagree with Land on a number of issues (OK- most issues), his understanding of Biblical, personal and moral ethics is consistent, which is terribly important to the debate. He has already parted ways with the Falwell, Robertson, Dobson Hard-Right on a number of issues, including immigration reform (taking Matthew 25 seriously). He took Dobson to task for his call to the NAE to fire Cizik over global warming and he has the same problems with Newt Gingrich and Dobson's support of his candidacy that most people do. He even treats Wallis and liberals with respect while debating them.

I just hope he uses his Oxford educated brain and comes to his senses on the war, patriotism and and the relative unimportance of gay marriage. He is much too smart to hold some of the traditional SBC beliefs with out question. He has shown a thoughtful side on a number of issues and I hope he continues to move in that direction in the future and does not retreat to his throne, believing his own hype, like Dobson, Perkins and Fallwell continue to do.

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