Tuesday, April 10, 2007

stop these presses

I would like to read the newspaper, look at news sites and watch the news without hearing anything about the following stories.
  1. Ana Nicole Smith's continued death coverage and the paternity of her child
  2. Don Imus' racist remarks about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team
  3. Britney Spears self destruction
  4. the Sopranos final season
  5. How Sanjaya (or whatever his name is) is ruining American Idol (or any AI story on any network besides FoxNews)
With the scandal at the Justice Department, the fight over War funding, the fiasco's continuance in Iraq, the situation in Iran and North Korea and dog food tainting, we do not have time for such trivial stories (no the Imus story is not trivial, but it should be a story that takes 10 minutes in its entirety- not the lead story on NBC News- they took 10 minutes tonight).


Mike Murrow said...

amen.. and amen.

my roommate has taken to not watching the news at all.

he reads the NYT and watches Cspan.

otherwise he gets too mad.

DJ Word said...

One of the only place I can go is the economist, and the news stories are not always up to the second.

I have found the Imus story even in the most non exploitive news spots.

It drives me mad. Mad, I tell you... mad.

james said...

As long as they keep us entertained, no one will give a shit about Darfur, Iraq or any other newsworthy piece.