Wednesday, May 02, 2007

music to vacation by

While much of the time we were on vacation the soundtrack we listened to was that of Mother Nature or family discussion, music was still a integral part of our trip to Sanibel. While at the beach, walking in nature or kayaking, music was not played, most of my/our time in the car or while I was rollerblading around the island (I cannot go for miles unless I am distracted).

Here is a sampling of what was played (many of these albums were not played in their entirety though). I will give comment for some of the music.

Arcade Fire Neon Bible
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Baby 81
Bonnie "Prince" Billy Greatest Palace Music (while composing small group email as dad watched The Unit)
The American Life podcast- #329 Nice work if you can get it (for trip to Sanibel)
DJ Shadow The Ultimate Collection (used while rollerblading)
Elvis Perkins Ash Wednesday (I come back to this often while in the car with family)
The Flaming Lips At War with the Mystics (a kid fave)
the Format EP
Franz Ferdinand You Could Have it So Much Better (good driving music)
The Gorillaz Feel Good, Inc (another kid fave)
Grinderman Grinderman (when very alone, either blading or driving)
Jane's Addiction Ritual de lo Habitual
The Killers Sam's Town (I knew Kristi would be okay with this early on the journey)
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver (great for exercise)
Leonard Cohen Greatest Hits (good for composing emails and websurfing while dad is watching television loudly)
Lily Allen Alright Still
Love and Rockets Express
Low Drums and Guns
M.I.A. Arular
mewithoutyou Catch Us for the Foxes (not bad for exercise)
Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Regina Spektor Begin to Hope (a family favorite)
The Replacements Pleased to Meet Me
Rilo Kelly The Execution of All Things
Thompson Twins Greatest Hits
Sunset Rubdown Shut Up I am Dreaming
Spiritualized Amazing Grace
Slate's Political Gabfest Podcast
Johnny Cash American V, At Folsom Prison, and Unearthed V (for the return trip driving with dad instead of wife and kids)
Pierce Pettis Chase the Buffalo, Tinseltown, and While the Serpent Lies Sleeping

As you can see, I went far back to old classics instead of only listening to the latest music. while on vacation it is nice to return to the familiar. Of course, the pressure was on finding the right 30gbs of music for the trip, knowing I could not add and subtract from the iPod while away from my extra drive.


james said...

curious of your thoughts on Lily Allen. I think she's got some interesting and catchy sounds. Video for Smile was really stupid though.

DJ Word said...

I never saw the video. i have a love/ hate relationship with the album. I like it and think it is smart, but it gets on my nerves after a while.