Monday, May 07, 2007

true confessions

After a productive morning, sending a resume and cover letter regarding a job I am very interested in (I will let you know, if things proceed to fruition) and mowing my yard I am feeling terribly uninspired, but want to blog and increase traffic.

After looking at a posting by Cade, I decided to follow suit and give you 10 things you may not know about me. As Cade says, some of you may know a few of these things, but no one knows them all. Most of these are about my past.

Here are my true confessions:

10. While I am a music snob, I have actually seen the following bands in concert: The Fat Boys, New Edition, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Cinderella, the Scorpions (the real "spinal tap"), Monsters of Rock tour, Degarmo and Key, Michael W. Smith, Chicago, Creed, James Taylor, Whitesnake, White Lion, Great White, Dokken, Duran Duran, Rick Springfield and Huey Lewis (2X). I actually enjoyed Chicago, Aerosmith, Duran Duran, RS, HL and part of the Monsters of Rock.

9. I was present for both FSU National Championships in football (I have always wondered how many FSU fans can make honest claims to both 1994 and 2000).

8. I am a very protective and somewhat anal and strict parent.

7. As a senior in High School I could not get the part of Jet or Shark in Westside Story (our senior class play). Instead, I was saddled with the multiple small parts Glad Hand and Doc (2 old guys).

6. I began taking dance lessons at 6 and continued for a substantial number of years (we will leave it at that). My parents have numerous statues and pictures of me in tights (I took jazz, tap and ballet). Consequently, I set the male record my freshman year of college for flexibility (which is the only cool thing to happen due to my dance ability).

5. I have worked in a tobacco warehouse, picked tobacco, watermelon and beans, worked at a convenience store, as a disk jockey (3X), sold newspapers, as an elementary teacher's aid, at a record store, as a gopher for a rich old lady, as a test grader, delivered office supplies and on a UPS truck (among other jobs).

4. Even though I grew up in the rural south, to my knowledge I have never killed a mammal. I have killed 2 fowl (a goose and bird) while driving. I have killed a few more fish and 1 reptile (rattlesnake).

3. I wore a rebel flag T-shirt as a 7th grader (before I understood what it meant).

2. I had a substantial mullet in high school (but it was cooler than your typical mullet). I also had a perm once (called it a body wave) and colored my hair blond once with "Sun In" but it turned my hear reddish blond because I didn't use enough.

1. I love stand up comedy and among my favorite things to see is black comedians make fun of white people. Also, I think Dane Cook is among the unfunniest people I have ever seen.

Now I am going to tag others, so we can get to know each other a bit better and laugh at each other's foibles. Let me know if any of these are surprises and how many you really did know (I was thinking of turning this into a 10 things I hate about me routine, but changed my mind).

So, I need to hear from (I am picking a few people I don't know as well)

1. Rudy
2. Will Samson
3. Ryan Sharp
4. Steve McCoy
5. Fletch


Mike Murrow said...

oh man, i had the body wave. and the wedge cut.

money well spent my friend. the look went great with my hammer pants.

james said...

You saw The Fat Boys? Freakin' awesome.

cade said...

mullet AND a perm. at the same time. guilty.