Saturday, June 23, 2007

changes in youth ministry and culture

I returned from a Youth Mission Trip yesterday. It was my first youth trip since 1999. While the middle school students I took were the most mature middle school students I have ever been around, I was struck by some of the changes in the landscape since I was a full time youth pastor.

1. Christian T-shirts, while still "Christian t-shirts" are less offensive and some are borderline cool.
2. Text messaging
3. Parents wanting kids in constant contact
4. Energy Drinks
5. Trading myspace accounts instead of addresses and phone numbers
6. Energy Drink slushies
7. Christian "cock rock"
8. iPods
9. Worship music as radio friendly genre
10. Digital Cameras
11. Sophistication of middle school students


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james said...

Hey Rick, did you need a free credit report online? If so I think I know where you can get one.

So i'm going to need a judges ruling on "Christian 'Cock Rock'"? Explain.

DJ Word said...

Todd Agnew

He sounds like 3 Dors Down + Nickleback trying to be Rich Mullins

Anonymous said...

When I was a youngster, we drank Cheerwine and ate moon pies. Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Rick, I also went to a youth camp this summer in Oklahoma. Remember me from Skycrest? I am in Oklahoma now. Do not ask me why, I have no idea! Drop me a line some time. How do I leave my email and not share it with the world? I know I will give you my cell phone number. NOT>
Dustin Bagby has my address,
Mark Silvers