Monday, June 04, 2007

I am not watching Jim Wallis with Hillary, Barack and John

So, you may heard about the CNN forum in which Jim Wallis of Sojourners discusses poverty with the top 3 Democratic candidates tonight.

I am sure many people are excited to hear what presidential candidates think about issues such as poverty and faith (I am sure it will be an honest, unscripted time:). I, too, would love to hear what presidential candidates think about these issues. However, I am not interested in listening to Jim Wallis and the Media have a conversation with the 3 appointed possible nominees for one party 8 months before one vote is cast. It is even called a Presidential Forum on Faith, Poverty and Values (what values? The value of listening to those with the most money and loudest voice?).

I am not interested in Sojourners (whom I have given money to and discussed working with in the past- and respect) or any other faith based organization deciding to be part of the king making process by ignoring those that may have the best answers and focusing on those with the most money, resources, media advisers and power.

This is the same as a Focus on the Family event in which Jim Dobson interviews the Top 3 appointed Republicans on the issues of abortion and homosexuality, ignoring others that may have better answers because they have bought into the Mass Media machine and horse race instead of allowing us to decide for ourselves (it is the hey, I think 1 of these may be president and want access disease).

Even if there is a good chance I will be voting for 1 of those 3 in November 2008, I do not need to be embedded with them. I can listen to them (and everyone else). I can share prophetically with them. I cannot give them my loyalty or fawn over them.

This is very disappointing to me. VERY!*

*now I could have rushed to judgement. In fact, they could have called all 10 democrats and only those with the most money could afford to come to DC for the event. If that is the case, I am sorry.


Mike Murrow said...

you know, i was really disapointed in JW. he wrote that book about not being with just one political party, then goes out and helps the Dems get their god on so they can have "values" voters.

so bummed.

james said...

Dude, amen and amen. I had no interest in watching this event. I hardly even read my sojo e-newsletters anymore. Which is kind of sad because they do some great things. And as Mike so poignantly put it, I'd like to see Wallis spotlighting more Republicans who are doing the right thing and not weigh in so heavily on the Democrats.

Porthos said...

I always thought these type of things were about hearing what the most-likely-to-win candidates' opinions were on these topics. As opposed to having "answers", per say.

More of an "see what they think" information gathering session than a "solve the world's problems" forum.

Anonymous said...

I actually think the comparison with Dobson is unfair. Dobson has always stuck with one particular theologico-political framework and with one party. Wallis, certainly not. Since when does interviewing a set of candidates mean blanket endorsement? I thought as citizens in a democratic state we were supposed to decide for ourselves and as a community - since when would a tv program do the deciding for us? There are a myriad of other factors that need to be considered before this comparison comes clearly into view, and thereby any condemnation.

Mike Murrow said...

JW has been working with the dems for quite a while now, this TV thing is just the latest and not the basis of my comments.

DJ Word said...

Our Canadian commenter may have misunderstood my posting (I will attempt to be more careful next time).

My main point is not the Dobson comparison, although I will stand by my contention that it bears much resemblance by him only speaking to those he will agree with on a number of issues.

However, I think we would be served better by hearing a number of points of view. We may be surprised that some of the Republicans have thought through this and have great conviction.

However, the main point is that Sojo is getting in bed with the establishment and MSM. There are 10 or so Dems, some with better ideas than the top 3. We need Christian organizations to go beyond the big money, big media candidates and to those who may not have the big voice. I will never change my mind on that.

AMGallegos said...

I have my own concerns about the forum (see my blog), but one thing I don't share is your concern that Sojourners is excluding those with good ideas but no big money. You seem to know about Sojourners if you were going to work for them (I used to work and live with them myself), then I am sure that you know that for more than 30 years they have used their magazine to write about a lot of amazing people who have great ideas and are implementing these ideas on the streets. People like Nane Alejandrez, Eugene Rivers, Gordon Cosby, etc. I doubt a forum featuring activists like this would have been carried by CNN, but nevertheless Sojourners continues to use their resources to lift up the voice and work of people like this, not just those with big money.

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