Friday, August 31, 2007

Hillary, really?

I must say... I don't get the Democrats continued desire to nominate Hillary Clinton. Do they really think the Republicans will not run the singularly dirtiest and most efficient campaign in history to make sure is not elected President?

Plus, do they think that living in the White House for 8 years trumps everything else? Do they really think she is more "qualified" than anyone else? As Obama said, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield had the most impressive resumes we have ever seen. Experience does not mean wisdom.

Do they care that her Iraq and terrorism policies are more conservative than many Republicans?

Do they care that we will leave the clean up of one of the worst Presidencies in history, which happened to be a political dynasty to yet another political dynasty?

Do you realize that if she is elected President, we will have a Bush or Clinton in office since January of 1989 (and one in the White House since January of 1981)? We might as well establish a monarchy. Does this not bother others? Of course, as I just stated, the Republicans will sell their first born children to keep her out of the WH.

Democrats just don't know enough Republicans to understand this. They are foolish enough to blow the next election.

sorry- I was just looking at some pol #s and really bothered.


TalaiĆ²tic said...

World must hear about this

An incredible but true story: Spanish authorities prosecute child for terrorism when he e-mails companies requesting labelling in catalan language, using Phoenix monicker from Harry Potter books. Police accuse him of organizing an Al Qaeda cell. Case goes all the way to Spanish High Court.

Video 1

Unknown said...

I am amazed at how many Democrats are thinking about this but I was reading the Novak's Political Report and he does point out that her polling numbers are soft so there is so hope in either Obama or Edwards catching her, especially if she comes in 3rd in Iowa. At this point in 2003, Dean looked to be a lock so there is so hope yet.

Anonymous said...

Also, If she is the nominee, she will enter the race with the lowest poll numbers of any presidential candidate. The democratic party is always underestimating the average Americans disgust at their stated value systems, let alone their a historic moment where the Democrats could destroy the Republican party they will no doubt screw it up again...I’m sure your right about the dirty politics (all sides) but I predict that if Hillary is the candidate she will signal handedly be the reason the republicans will win in 2008, as she will draw more people to vote against her than for her.

DJ Word said...

if you know about party Politics, you know that the most Ruthless and Dirty political tricks will be from the Republicans if Hillary is the nominee. It is not "both sides"" at all.

The republicans are much more ruthless and dirty than the Dems. this is not a bad thing. this is an understanding on their part of how to play a dirty game and what works.

Dale said...

anyone not named Bush or Clinton will have a significant advantage in the '08 election