Monday, August 27, 2007

to be continued????????

So, I am reevaluating my web presence. I have had plenty to blog about lately, but found myself not running to the computer to offer up my opinion on a number of matters. I am not sure if it is due to busyness in general, desire to spend more time with the family or the fact that I cannot get my head out of a couple of books. Spending time in professional ministry and a church daily bears much of the blame for my lack of blogging, which is not a bad thing.

Plus, whenever I am on the computer, I should be spending time looking for long term employment options. So, there are a number of reasons...

Plus, coming to the realization that only a few people come by to read the blog (I blogged a lot more when the traffic was high) and that these things are cyclical (or blogging has just lost its allure). I am not sure what it is.

Maybe I am not that interested in my own opinions on political or cultural matters or find that more of blogging is just an excuse to be a windbag for most of us, hoping to show how smart we are and how insightful our thoughts are, when most of our thoughts are run of the mill, garden variety boring and lacking in any real insight (especially when compared to what we can get from real writers). I have also found myself spending much less time on the blogs of others, coming to the realization that very few of us have original voices and have much to say in the end.

I may change my mind tomorrow. Heck, I may not even agree with this assessment in a few minutes (considering the fact that I have felt similarly in the past and it has not shut me up). Maybe I am looking for a more constructive way to add to the conversation 9whatever the heck that means- BTW, what is this "conversation" we are having on the web).

For now, I will let everyone else debate Michael Vick, Christian behavior, angels dancing on needleheads, the latest debacle from the Bush administration* and the theological and social implications from the latest treacle from Hollywood or the publishing world. I am going to find a new career path and spend time with my newborn.

I may be back (maybe tomorrow)....


*I just heard that Alberto Gonzales is resigning as Attorney General. Just remember as you get older that he is the answer to the following future trivial pursuit and jeopardy questions...

1. Who is the most inept Attorney General in US History?
2. Who is the worst AG in US History?
3. Which Attorney General politicized the office in creative manners no one before had thought of?
4. Which Attorney general made John Ashcroft look moderate and level headed?
5. Why should presidents appoint only qualified people to head up the Justice Department instead of loyal friends and followers?


Steve K. said...

Hey Rick,

I'm still here reading your stuff. I just get it via RSS, so you may not be registering my "traffic." Just FYI.

james said...

i'm here man. I may have slacked a bit in the check ups, but this would be due to the fact that i have slowed as well. Also when i see that others have slowed too, i often don't return to their blogs as frequently. But i do check in.

Also, the last asterisked statements are 5 reasons why i think you should continue blogging. Great stuff here my friend.