Thursday, October 25, 2007

good stuff on the candidates

Some good insight into the Republican field from Rolling Stone magazine. It is not partisan, so read no matter your affiliation. He does think the party is in disarray with no clear center, which many Republicans may see themselves. The writer has the best things to say about Huckabee, Romney and Paul (the most acceptable Republicans to me, also).

Also, I am glad to see I am not the only one confused by the RR's lack of support for Huckabee (even those that are not Christian see the same things). In fact, here is what he says about Huckabee (I have said the same things numerous times)...
That Mike Huckabee hasn’t caught just a little bit of fire is a mystery to me. He’s charming and funny, and always seems reasonable even when he’s preaching to the freepers. I don’t know why the James Dobsons of the world are threatening to leave the party rather than throwing their weight behind this Southern Baptist minister with a concealed-carry permit and a “covenant marriage.” Someone whose phone calls Focus on the Family actually returns ought to ask Dr. D. just that.

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Mike Murrow said...

so why do you think the RR isn't behind Huck? is it because deep down the really want to back a winning horse and given that it is either Rudy or Mit and neither of them fit their values mold so they are threatening a third party?