Monday, October 08, 2007

it is October and I talk about baseball

When it comes to teams besides the Cardinals winning the World Series...

only 1 other team an win it and bring a big smile to my face (The Red Sox- unless they are playing the Cards). I would mention the Devil Rays, but this is not fantasy baseball.

When it comes to the teams I want to win the World Series the least, in descending order...

10. Blue Jays (I feel bad when Americans beat Canadians at hockey and hate it when Canadians beat Americans at baseball)
9. Giants (next behind Dodgers and they had Bonds)
8 Dodgers (they are the NL team closest to Cards in Championships)
7. Twins (beat us in 87- I broke a TV, accidentally)
6. Braves (learned to root against them in the 90s- that many playoffs and 1 championship?)
5. Mets (they are a NY team- used to be #2, I hate 86)
4. Royals (would not care if not for 85- they must never win again)
3. Yankees (I am resigned to the fact this happens, much like the Canes in college football)
2. Astros (never have won and keep them DOWN)
1. Cubs (not on my watch)


Dale said...

long live Don Deckinger...or long may the memory of Don Deckinger live...followed by the biggest game 7 meltdown ever...seems like yesterday

Mike Murrow said...

why? why hate the Giants? Because of Bonds? Really? What did the Giants ever do to you?

At least you hate them less than the Dodgers.

If for no other reason you should like them for Kruk and Kype. Sometimes I watch the Giants just to listen to those two.

Tim Keel said...

Sad, sad Cardinals fan. May 1985 live on in your heart forever. :)