Thursday, November 01, 2007

Running Up the Score

Like a few sportswriter, I am sick of all the grief the Patriots are getting for "running up the score." The only reason not to keep starters in a game is to get valuable real game reps for your backup players and to keep them from being injured. I think people can get onto Belichick for that alone, with good reason (if Brady goes down, so does perfect possibilities).

I will let local sportswriter, Gary Shelton, of the St. Pete Times speak on my behalf.

Can someone explain this to me? If Tiger Woods is leading a golf tournament by 33 strokes, no one grumbles if he birdies the 18th. If Roger Federer is ahead two sets and 4-0 in the third, no one suggests he should stop hitting drop shots. If the Red Sox are ahead by 12 runs in the ninth - and if the World Series was still going on, they probably would be - no one minds if David Ortiz hits a home run.

Only in football do opponents expect a superior opponent to suddenly play nice. Respect for the game? Come on. Scoring 52 points doesn't disrespect the game; giving up 52 does.

It makes no sense. If you want to be upset about someone running up the score, be upset at the owners who set the ticket prices. Be upset at the people who charge you insurance premiums. Be upset at the guys who set the prices at gas pumps. Those guys could back off a little bit.

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