Monday, December 17, 2007

An Independent's Quandary

You have heard me periodically complain about the election process in Florida. We have a closed primary. In other words, unlike enlightened areas of the nation, you must declare yourself Republican or Democrat when you register to vote.

If you declare yourself Independent you are told you cannot vote in the primaries. Of course, this sends an Independent like myself into the stratosphere. While in Virginian, Texas (I think) and Massachusetts, I was allowed to be a stated Independent and declare on the day of the election or right before the election which primary I would vote in.

I loved this and now find myself in a quandary. I do not want to belong to a Political Party yet I must declare myself as a Democrat or Republican within the next few days to vote in the late January primaries. I see myself as neither and will need to declare myself as an Independent as quickly as I can upon voting. First I will need to take a shower and burn my contaminated voter card.

However, before heading own and declaring a party, I must decide which party to declare. Would I rather register as a Republican to vote against Rudy or register as a Democrat to vote against Hillary? I will probably wait until the last second and see which vote will count more.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

vote against hillary!

huckabee will win the republican side.

that is unless romney is doing well there... then vote against him!


DJ Word said...

because we are New York south, Rudy is doing very well here (as is Hillary).

Steve K. said...

Vote against Hillary!


Mike Murrow said...

man i feel the same way (want to vote against someone). that should be a box to check. like there would be two boxes, one for and one against.

we could have the folks at the BCS use their super duper computers to tally it all and give us a national champ election, and then the VP could get like the orange bowl version of the election, and then the speaker of the house could be like the fiesta bowl.