Thursday, January 31, 2008

Barak Obama in Christianity Today

You may have seen it, but I missed it. Here is Christianity Today's interview with Barak Obama, discussing faith, abortion, church/ state issues and his conversion experience. It is a fairly basic interview with a few rich creamy nuggets.

I like what he says about churches receiving money from the government for their faith-based initiatives:
One of the things that I think churches have to be mindful of is that if the federal government starts paying the piper, then they get to call the tune. It can, over the long term, be an encroachment on religious freedom. So, I want to see how moneys have been allocated through that office before I make a firm commitment in terms of sustaining practices that may not have worked as well as they should have.


g13 said...

rich creamy nuggets?!

that sounds filthy.

Anonymous said...

did you catch Shane's little remark on Barack yesterday? The one about America being the last great hope for the world? How did that hit you?

DJ Word said...

it did not affect me at all. Every politician for the last 250 years has done this.

in fact, when Jon Winthrop founded Boston he wanted the city to be a City Set Upon a Hill. It is part of the American political tradition.

While I may disagree with it on all occasions, I will not hold 1 politician up to a standard that no politician in American history has done.

Does that make sense?

Karin said...

I read his interview and his comments on abortion stood out to me. I like what he said in this interview.

"Our goal should be to make abortion less common, that we should be discouraging unwanted pregnancies, that we should encourage adoption wherever possible. There is a range of ways that we can educate our young people about the sacredness of sex and we should not be promoting the sort of casual activities that end up resulting in so many unwanted pregnancies."

I have always thought we should tackle the issue of promiscuity before bombing abortion clinics. I just don't hear politicians speak like this about this issue.

And, I thought he did a good job trying to clear up the issue of his faith. I believe him because he hasn't used it as a campaign tactic...or else because I am naive.

Oh my gosh...I actually commented on your blog!

Anonymous said...

i just downloaded tinariwen. nice recommendation. btw, i didn't know you rolled with gentry and those guys in boston.

DJ Word said...

how do you know gentry?

I first heard of you and your blog through him. I thought you may be friends, but then noticed your name everywhere and figured he had heard of you elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

just through blogging. he and dr. james are friends with some of my house church friends in atl. i think they simulcast their things sometimes via webcam. i don't know. haven't talked to him in forever. but follow the blog, etc.

Anonymous said...

i guess it makes sense. perhaps this is where the tiny seedling of christian anarchism within begins to sprout.

Anonymous said...

oh... and i thought i had you pegged as a purist *wink*