Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Format (2003-2008) Rest in Peace

My friend Will gave me the bad news. After introducing him to the pop perfection of The New Pornographers latest album, he asked about previous NP albums. Instead of steering him towards the excellent Twin Cinema, I realized I had someone asking for the perfection that is The Format. He just did not know it yet.

So I told Will, "buy Dog Problems by the Format and thank me now. It is perfect- the best pop album in years and the best album, by far, of 2006." He bought it. He loved it and he found out the bad news first.

The Format have broken up. This news may seem inconsequential to you, but in my estimation it is as tragic as The Cars breaking up fight after their debut album or R.E.M. before Life's Rich Pageant. Musically, for pop fans, this is devastating news.*

For you that have not experienced the wonder that is The Format, don't watch these videos or listen to these songs. It will depress you to hear such sweet candy, knowing it will never come off the sacred assembly line again. For you that understand the power that is The Format (including my kids), listen, watch, weep uncontrollably.

The Format at myspace
the sad announcement and response

The Compromise

She Doesn't Get It

The last video is Dog Problems, dedicated to my friend Will.

*Why can't bands like Nickelback break up early? Why is always the good bands that leave us too soon?

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Anonymous said...

I have Dog Problems in the car player and last night the valet asked me if it was my cd (I'm not sure who he thought it might belonged to - what does that say about me?) In any event, he commented on what an amazing album it was and said he shed a tear at the mere mention of the break up...this bugged Kerry!!!

Indeed, why does the great music have to end? (I'm thinking Jeff Buckley and Mark Heard). Better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all...or something like that!