Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No I Can't... express the frivolity of this blog

To My Dearest Readers (those still with me),

You may have noticed the frivolity on my blog lately and lost interest due to the lack of depth, whether personal, spiritual or political. While I may consider music, film and sports deep on a number of levels, I understand I am in the minority unless at a sporting event, independent record store or (God forbid) a comic book convention (but, I will never set foot upon the ground of a Renaissance Festival- there is an important distinction between comic fans and those that cross over to the Dark Side of Renaissance Festivals and Sci Fi/ Trek Conventions).

Lately I have not had the blogger energy for such endeavors. For 1 thing, I have been working on an important project I hope to make public in the near future. It is a non-profit that focuses on systemic issues and I am very excited. I have put so much serious energy on that, I have found little such energy to blog about the same issues I am hoping to deal with with this NGO.

Also, I have forced myself away from the political blogs for a few weeks due to the fact that they conjure up strong emotions. My feelings for unnamed candidates and their surrogates are better left in the dark recesses of my mind. My feelings for another candidate must be tempered by my training as a political scientist and theological ethicist (I focused upon ethics rather the theology, Biblical scholarship or philosophy).

I have had a hard time not joining the movement of the masses and find myself fighting against my very nature as he rises in the polls. I am more drawn to him than any other candidate for higher office during my lifetime and think he could change the world for good. Yet, I still think he has too much confidence in the empire building which I oppose and question the cultish rapture he engenders from many of his followers. I am weary of religious language from politicians, even though he uses it better than most. The dangers of America as "City upon a Hill" or "redeemer of the world" do not change because of political affiliation.

I have always been skeptical (like Wendell Berry) of movements and the Cult of Personality (I say this as a U2 fan). I may blog on this issue in more depth in the coming weeks or months, depending upon how the campaigns go and what the political landscape looks like in the near future. That said, my vote stays the same. Yet, I will just continue to stay aways from campaign contributions, signs, bumper stickers and full on endorsements , so as not to "contaminate" myself.*

At a time such as this, I am drawn back to the seminal book Coercion, Why We Listen to What "They" Say by Douglas Rushkoff and its cautions. Also, I have been reading Shane Claiborne's and Chris Haw's Jesus for President, which may have as much to teach the Christian left as it does the Christian right as we find our own Ronald Reagan/ George W. Bush to follow (oh the irony on so many levels).

Anyway, I will try to stay away from rock star/ lent jokes (although I still have many) and move towards the things you come here for (you who are left).





james said...

Thanks for staying true to conviction. In a time of presidential politics when it is looking more and more like we are going to have two decent candidates contending for the presidential post, (with one far better than the other still) it's always good to keep reminding ourselves, do not put your trust in chariots and horses.

Good post. I'm still present on the reading roll call.

mycotn said...

Word. Just figured I'd leave my annual comment. Looking forward to hearing more about your top secret project (I'm jealous of anything top secret and exciting), and your thoughts on Mr. Claiborne and Mr. Haw's new book, and of course, more thoughts on rock stars and Lent. Peace.