Thursday, February 28, 2008

not voting for Hillary because a man should lead the nation

listening to NPR this morning, I came across an interesting story on the Democratic primary in Houston. Buried a few minutes in is an interview with some singles at Second Baptist Church in Houston. The reporter asks who they will vote for. Of course they are voting for a Republican and complaining that McCain is the presumptive nominee. However, a moment later I found out how far I have been out of the Conservative Christian realm I have ventured during the past few years.

One of the young women declares that because she has traditional views on gender, she would not vote for Hillary Clinton to lead the country. That struck me as odd. However, soon afterwards the Singles Pastor comes in and declares that according to his beliefs a man is to lead our nation. I must tell you that this surprised me. Now, I am not surprised they would not vote for Hillary. Heck, I would not vote for Hillary (but her gender has no bearing on my decision).

I am not even surprised they would not vote for a woman. I believe many Americans would not vote for a woman to be president (they will just keep it to themselves). However, I have been so out of the loop on churches like SBC Houston that I was surprised people would not vote for Clinton because they felt the Bible declared that because a woman is supposed to submit to her husband in marriage and a woman is not to lead the church (their interpretation, not mine) that this implied a woman cannot be the president of a secular government.

It should not surprise me, but it did. Anyhoo, I found a poll that states 71% of the US would vote for a woman. In my estimation the number of women that would vote for a woman over a man, just to have a female president would at least cancel out the vote of the fundamentalists that think a woman should not be in such a leadership position in our nation.

Here is the link to the story online.
Here is the poll I mentioned.

Of course, these views do not matter presently because Hillary will not be the nominee. I just hope some of these people do not try to justify not voting for a black man on similar reasoning (I am being a bit sarcastic).


g13 said...

i heard the same story this morning and the thing that struck me about the singles pastor was the way he praised mccain. if memory serves he said something like, "mccain is a bad-ass, a real american hero and if i was homosexual i'd want a piece of 'em. but, since i'm a party line guy here and couldn't vote for no damn polygamist, i'm voting for the math-e-matically eliminated huckabee."

please forgive me if my paraphrase is just a tad off. i heard the story before my first cup of coffee and the story struck me as funny.

Mike Murrow said...

i listened to the story today as well and when i heard all this i about shit myself. this probably isn't fair but i couldn't help thinking that it sounded a lot like interviews i have heard of fundi muslims justifying their patriarchal ways.

jeff, you joke, but it wasn't that far off.

i also recall the guy saying he is casting a protest vote for huck, which to me seems dumb. wouldn't it be a bigger protest if you didn't vote at all? or if you voted in a (gasp) woman. that would show the GOP!

Eric said...

I enjoyed my vote for Hillary. It was quite satisfying. And this from an evangelical, fundamentalist male.

DJ Word said...


thanks for stopping by...

was that a vote out of conviction, because you lined up better with her than McCain or a Rush Limbaugh vote for Hillary to keep the contest going so the Dems mess this things up?