Monday, March 17, 2008

is this the Best Week Ever?

What a strange week. The convergence of Holy Week, St. Patrick's Day and the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War and the start of the NCAAs in a span of a few days. As an ESPN-watching Irish American Christian Pacifist* where should I put my energy?

on the campaign of course.

Anyway, here is an article on the Real St. Patrick to read as you drink cheap beer tinted with food coloring and pinch people wearing the wrong shade.

Here is Bob Knight on who will win the tourney.

Here are some readings for Holy Week.

Here is a constantly updating cost of the Iraq War. Here is an article just in time for the anniversary celebrations.

* okay I am not really a pacifist. I am a realist and a proponent of the spiritual discipline of active nonviolence and peacemaking, which is more nuanced and complex lacking simplistic formulas and answers. But, that makes for a lousy label.

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