Tuesday, March 18, 2008

look who "hates" America

According to many bloggers and Right Wing Talk radio personalities, Obama did not distance himself from Wright, because Wright is an America-Hater. According to this view of what makes an America-hater, we should include Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, even the wonderful Francis Schaeffer and maybe even Billy Graham, all of whom have used strong rhetoric to ascribe judgment to our nation for its past sins and ilks.


In his post, a blogger says this about Right Wing "hate" for America, which I have heard from friends, family, pastors and mentors:
Aside from disparate treatment of left and right and black and white in our mainstream discourse, there's also a difference in the basic narrative provided. The narrative from the Right - and its representatives in the conservative religious community - is of an America which was once the garden of Eden, until its tragic fall at the hands of (feminists, liberals, civil rights movement, whatever), and they wish to bring the country back to its former state. Thus they can hate the America that is while dreaming of the perfect America that was. Thus there's no conflict between their unquestioned patriotism and their hatred of the country, as their patriotism is for the True America that was, not its current corrupted incarnation.
What makes one thing "hate" and the other "patriotism?" are they both either "hate" or "critique?" Honestly, I am beginning to think I know less than I did.

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