Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the thoughts of others on 5 Years

The wonderful Joseph Arthur offers up a new album this week, just in time for the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War called Could We Survive. The first single, which you can hear or download for free here is entitled Rages of Babylon. In the vein of his older songs, it has a simple medley and striking lyrics. he takes on the persona of a young man fighting in the Iraq War and wondering is his family will remember him if he dies.

here are the lyrics and here is the link to download the song.
Crunchy Con, Rod Dreher reflects on what he has learned in the 5 years since he misguidedly supported the war;

+ The human capacity for self-deception is boundless. Beware emotion in political reasoning.
+ Do not trust the government. Its leaders will lie, both to you and to themselves.

+ Culture precedes politics.

+ Liberal democracy is not universally the best way to govern societies, especially Islamic ones.

+ Having a strong military is no guarantee that you'll be a strong nation. America is much weaker than we think.

+ You cannot trust the Republican Party on foreign policy and national security. That's not to say you can trust the Democrats either.

+ It is easy to look at a leader who is blindly, foolishly arrogant, and think you're looking at confidence. It is easy to think yourself confident, but in fact be blindly, foolishly arrogant.
+ History matters. The temptation to think it doesn't is constant -- particularly among Americans, who are so ignorant of it, and who think we can defy its lessons.

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