Thursday, December 18, 2008

songs not on the list for a simple reason

Here are some songs I had on my original list because I heard them a lot this year, but they are from 2007 or so, so I felt it would be inappropriate to list them, some of which would have made the Top 5 or 10.

Paper Airplanes by M.I.A. (yeah, I like it)
Lovely Allen by Holy F*** (inappropriate name, but great song- no lyrics. Would have been #1)
A Few Words in Defense of Our Contry by Randy Newman (I missed it last year, but funny wry lyrics. Patriotism for cynics)
When I Say Go by the 1900s (missed it, but it was always on a playlist this year)
Girls Don't Care by Eef Barzelay (from this year's album but released on a soundtrack last year. Every guy should listen to this and laugh. He nails it all. Here are the lyrics)
Plus Ones by Okkervil River (I liked the song, from last year's The Stage Hands, but only this year did I dig into the lyrics, which are absolutely brilliant. There is so much in this song for music fans, including riffs from songs they are naming. Here are the lyrics and an explanation of the song)

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