Wednesday, January 07, 2009

cutting off our noses to save our children's faces

in yet another example of burning the village to save the village a new regulation is about to go into effect that will put makers of handmade toys out of business, along with independent makers of children's clothes and many thrift stores.

Kristi alerted me a couple of days ago upon seeing it on the blog of a crafts person friend of hers that will be going out of business because she cannot afford an Independent person to test the quality of her child related clothing.

So China puts out crap that can hurt our children and small American businesses pay the price and could go out of business. So the greatest polluter in the world has no environmental regulation and puts that stuff in our toys and clothing that should be in thrift stores goes into landfills.

Crunchy Con reports on it here.

here is the link to do something about this high level governmental idiocy.

Again, this is why I hate knee jerk reactions to anything, whether it is banking, the car industry, toys from China, right wing hate speech or sick cows. Do your research. Think through unintended consequences and listen to those around you.


Zach Roberts said...

My wife makes jumpers and burp cloths to order on very small scale. Would she be included as well?

Her clients are mostly friends & family.

laci said...

while the FDA declares low levels of both BPA and melamine safe for human consumption. talking out both sides of their (ahem) mouths...

Anonymous said...

Zach-I really don't know. If she does it without an official business, she may be able to pull it off. But the second she is official it could affect her also.

I think we will end up with an underground economy of baby stuff, like speakeasys during prohibition.