Wednesday, January 21, 2009

evolution of an Arizona Cardinals fan

St Louis Cardinals begat 
Daytona Beach Islanders farm club begat
Stan Musial pitching in 1940 begat
Raymond Bennett as fan of team/ player begat
Rick Bennett in 1968.

Raymond Bennett took Rick Bennett, comic book fan, to Baseball Hall of Fame in mid 1970s.

Stan Musial Fan, Raymond introduces Comic Book Fan, Rick Bennett to HOF and Stan "The Man" Musial.

Rick thinks Stan "The Man" is cool because he shares nickname with Stan "The Man" Lee of Marvel Comics.

Raymond buys Rick souvenirs and Rick becomes fan of Stan Musial and St. Louis Cardinals.

Rick sees no difference between baseball Cardinals and Football Cardinals. They share city, name and colors.

Rick even likes St. Louis Blues in a sport he knows nothing about and wishes NBA team was in St. Louis.

Rick now likes NFL Cardinals and Dolphins (only Florida team).

Miami Dolphins defeat St. Louis Cardinals 55-14 on Thanksgiving. 

Rick never forgives Dolphins. Tampa Bay Bucs get team. Rick does not care. Rick likes Jim Hart.
NFL Cardinals leave St. Louis. St. Louis does not care. Rick mourns. 

St. Louis secures Rams. Rick feels nothing. His (football) heart followed Cardinals to Arizona.

Cardinals continue to suck. Rick thinks maybe next year. It is never next year.

Luckily Rick has Baseball Cardinals, the 2nd most successful MLB franchise, ever.

Rick follows 49ers, then Packers, then Jags, then Bucs, then Patriots- all of whom he still likes, but his heart still belongs to Cardinals.

Cardinals even make playoffs in 1998 and defeat Dallas Cowboys, whom he hates.

Cardinals quietly secure good draft picks while destroying good coaches.

The right Coach and players come together.

The Cardinals make the playoffs. The Cardinals win. The Cardinals win. The Cardinals win.

The Cardinals are in Tampa for Super Bowl. 

Lifelong Cardinals fan living in Tampa needs tickets. 

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